January 14, 2007

The Very Best Music of 2006: #3

#3 TV on the Radio Return to Cookie Mountain
Last year the number 3 spot was occupied by The Mars Volta. I started the review by saying I knew I was going to have trouble describing the sound. This year the number 3 spot is going to be even harder to describe. TV on the Radio’s major label debut has already been dubbed an instant classic. If Gomez doesn’t let up with the chipper happy sound then ‘Return to Cookie Mountain’ doesn’t let up with the mind blowing oddities. The peculiar sound that is heard throughout the entire album is almost too much for the casual listener. I would completely understand someone who doesn’t get into this music. Some people call this a pop album, but that doesn’t fit to me. It meshes together so many different sounds, genres, and ideas that it sometimes can be overbearing. You know an album goes above and beyond when they have a guest appearance by David Bowie. ‘Return to Cookie Mountain’ is a journey into the far side of music. It’s an intoxicating album with tons of electronic art that will make your ears shiver. If you have the desire to give these cats a listen I assure you it can be quite pleasing to the ears.

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