January 17, 2007

The Very Best Music of 2006: #2

The Raconteurs
Broken Boy Soldier

Honestly, what more can I say about Jack White that I haven’t already said. The man is a musical genius. Everything he writes is music to my ears (lame, I know, but I laughed in my head). Jack and The White Stripes have been flirting with absolute unsurpassed greatness for years. Though Jack impressed us all with The White Stripes’ “Get Behind Me Satan” last year, it didn’t quite nail the best spot. This year he has gone a different route. Leaving his ex-wife in the dust for a small period of time, White joined forces with home town friend Brendan Benson. It was in Brendan’s attic that the hit single “Steady as She Goes” was written. Almost as quickly was the band formed. All of the members of The Raconteurs are from other bands, but White was quick to correct the media of their title of “super group”. The Raconteurs are “a new band made up of old friends.” So what happens next? After writing a few more tunes the band put together the full length ‘Broken Boy Soldier’. To be as descriptive as a deaf mute, its classic rock with a modern twist only Jack White can append. At times combining the droning of the Velvet Underground (“Intimate Secretary”) with the thunderous guitar of Led Zepplin (…”Intimate Secretary”), The Raconteurs are the classic rock band for the new millennium. Though the name Raconteur means a deft storyteller, these lyrics may be the only down note about this album. It’s not as if these lyrics are weak, it’s just if you’re going to name a band The Raconteurs then your songs should be amazing stories. Not really stories by any means, the words on this album are good for jack white. There are also a few extremely good lyrics on tracks such as “Together” and “Intimate Secretary”. However it’s the harmonizing between Brendan and Jack that makes the words jump out of the stereo. The 2 singers sing together in every song, making you wonder why these 2 friends from way back when never hit it off in a band in the first place. It is with those harmonizing vocals that make the track “Store Bought Bones” able to choke you into submission. Giving in to this album is beyond easy. Whether it is rocking your blood with its fast tempo or soothing your thirst with the odd ball track “Yellow Sun”, ‘Broken Boy Soldier’ is so powerful that I almost gave it the number 1 spot on this list. To think of all the ferocity and incredible talent that was poured into this project makes me want to give it the number one spot. I would bet money that The Raconteurs had as much fun making this album as I had enjoying it this summer.

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