January 30, 2007

The Apples in Stereo - New Magnetic Wonder

On February 6th, The Apples in Stereo will be releasing their 5th full length album under the new label Simian Records (founded by Elijah Wood). An indie favorite from the 90’s, The Apples in Stereo took 12 months to put together this obscure album. The band goes in many different directions with the 24 track “New Magnetic Wonder”. The album carries your spirits like a Brian Wilson album would, but also holds a lot of elaborate music like a Flaming Lips album would. The Denver (they have a music scene??) band lead by Robert Schneider (pretty positive it’s not that tool that turns into an animal in that stupid movie. I mean honestly, come up with a new gimmick dude. Put some brains into your comedy. You’re starting to run out of mammals to transform into)….I forgot what I was talking about. Oh right, the band. Well this Robert Schneider fella really puts character into his music. You know how some albums sound kinda half-assed? In “New Magnetic Wonder” it is obvious the band put a lot of effort into this project. Each song is crafted well. This album is full of bright, contagious music and also has some rocking numbers in it. Listening to “Seven Stars” in my car this sunny afternoon completely made my day. Their likable lyrics are easy to sing along with, and once this album becomes familiar, I promise it’ll be a spring favorite that can tailor to any music lovers’ taste. Give it a shot, you may just find your new favorite band in The Apples in Stereo.

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