February 17, 2006

Top 15 Soundtracks of Our Generation: Rules

Before we set sails on this vast sea of musical soundtracks, there are some rules that need to be stated. I want it to be clear that this list is purely my opinion and should not be taken as anything more than that. On that note, lets go over the rules.

1: These soundtracks were all made between 1990 and today. You will not see Ben-Hur, Citizen Cane, or any other soundtrack coming from that time period. This is a list of soundtracks from our generation. Movies you've seen, songs you should know.

2: No Disney. Of course Aladdin is a great soundtrack, but there is no need for it on this list. If I put every Disney movie with a great soundtrack up here, the list would be gigantic.

3: No Scores. Unless the movie has no other soundtrack but the score. In which case it will be allowed

4: The soundtracks were not picked on their content alone. They have to match the idea, feeling, and tone of the movie they were made with. It's a package deal. You can't just throw good songs in a movie and expect it to be an amazing soundtrack. "The Girl Next Door" for example. Great soundtrack, stupid movie.

5: Almost Famous will not be on the list. I'm making this a rule because it was incredibly hard for me to not put it up here. If it's a rule I'm less tempted to add it later on. It is one of my favorite movies and a great soundtrack too. The problem is though the soundtrack is good, it could have been much better. There were over 40 songs in the movie, and the 13 they picked for the soundtrack just don't make an amazing soundtrack.

That being said, lets dive in!!!

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