February 17, 2006

Top 15 Soundtracks of Our Generation: 6-10

6) Forrest Gump
Following the life of the unintelligent Forrest Gump through many historical moments of time, this soundtrack keeps up with Forrest magnificently. Winner of many Academy Awards (Best Picture, Actor, Director 1994), Forrest touched the hearts of everyone that saw it. The soundtrack stays true to the movie with plenty of music from artists like Elvis Presley, Simon and Garfunkel, Jefferson Airplane, The Supremes, and Bob Dylan. A wonderful anthology covering almost 30 years of music, this soundtrack will fit into almost everyone's collection.

7) Thicker Than Water
This is a soundtrack to the surfer film made by the Malloy Brothers. This cooled down soundtrack is surfer music done just right. Following surfers around the worlds exotic beaches with a camera and taping what happens is what surfing movies should be about. Leave the Hollywood lingo and the electric instruments at the door, grab a guitar and a board, and have a good time. That is just what Jack Johnson, G.Love, Finley Quaye, and Natural Calamity did. In doing that they did something no other surfer movie has been able to do thus far. Capture the essence of what surfing is really about. It's all about being in the water, soaking up the sun and listening to chill music.

8) Requiem For A Dream
This soundtrack is absolutely bloodcurdling. The Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack is mysterious, erratic, riveting, and completely engrossing. The 33 songs are intertwined to create an electronica masterpiece. Clint Mansell is a genius, and the Kronos Quartet isn’t half bad either. It is truly a haunting album that shouldn’t be listened to before you go to bed.

9) The Royal Tenenbaums
The Royal Tenenbaums is a dark comedy about a dysfunctional family with a dropback of contagious music. Wes Anderson impresses again with his matchless style of dry dark humor. What makes the movie so interesting however is not only Anderson’s story telling, but the opportunity Anderson gives his audience to absorb the songs he has chosen for his movies. When Margot gets off the bus and has Richie starring her down with Nico’s “These Days” playing, Anderson slows it down enough to let you thoroughly take in what is going on in the scene. Richie later decides to shave his head and cut his wrists to the depressing Elliott Smith “Needle in the Hay” in the best scene of the movie. Throw Bob Dylan, The Ramones, The Clash, and The Velvet Underground in the mix, and you have yourself an amazing soundtrack.

10) The Virgin Suicides
This is a gloomy movie with an excellent soundtrack. Filled with super sounds of the 80’s, the songs really add to the intense moments in the movie. Not the best movie I’ve ever seen and certainly not the most uplifting. But when the music gets louder than the rest of the movie and you get sucked into the moment the characters are in you really enjoy the sounds you hear. I’ve heard Heart’s “Crazy on You” a million times. None of which top the time Trip is sitting in his car after watching TV with the Lisbons. The song slowly builds and builds until Lux runs outside and opens the car door. There are other great songs on it too, but that is one amazing scene.

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