February 05, 2006

G.Love And Special Sauce - Yeah, It's That Easy

If I'm going to have a blog about the wonders of the indie music scene, how can I not write about the man that got me started in the first place? G.Love is one singer that can't be ignored. One listen to his care-free rappin blues style should get you hooked. G.Love's third album "Yeah, It's That Easy" is without question my favorite of the six G.Love records. It came out with a blast back in 1997 and put some life back into the music where “Coast to Coast Motel” left a void. "Yeah, It's That Easy" is the starting point for anyone interested in getting down with G.Love’s distinctive style. It has everything the Special Sauce has to offer. Funky upright bass, unorthodox drumming, slacker rapping with a twist of folk guitar and blues harmonica to make up one of the best bands of the 90's. Also considered one of the most under-rated and over looked bands of the 90's, G.Love has more character in one song than most artists can muster in a whole cd. With the G.Love show right around the corner, I figured now is the ideal time to tell you about him in case you would want to catch his show. As much as I love to sing along with G.Love, some may find it difficult with his style of rapping and singing. On the other hand, songs like "Stepping Stone", "I-76", "Recipe", and "Lay Down the Law" have chorus' that are irresistible. “When We Meet Again” is G.Love’s now signature acoustic closer that speaks of friends that grew apart, yet he still keeps the memories. “Recipe” speaks the truth about the band. They have something that other bands can’t touch. That’s their one of a kind philadelphonic sound. His groves are perfect summertime music. Every listen of this album takes me back to the good old days (which might be the most pathetic comment I’ve ever made, but it’s so true). “Yeah, It’s That Easy” is an album to be enjoyed with a group of friends. That is something I’m not preaching from experience, people. His music is truly for those who are, as he puts it, “living life as a profession.” If you really want to experience G.Love, instead of buying his album, I would suggest going to see him the 23rd at Water St. Music Hall. His shows have so much liveliness you’ll feel tempted to join in and dance without even knowing the songs. For practically the price of a cd you can experience the excitement and enthusiasm of this self professed “flower child of the truest kind” on stage. Now I CAN preach that from experience.

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