October 03, 2006

Day 4

Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness – Dawn to Dusk
Had to do it. After last nights orgasmic experience with the second disc, I had to start off my morning in the rocky mountains with the first disc. It was almost as perfect of timing as the second disc. Driving through all the valleys and mountains, I barely had my eyes on the road. Every tree and rock was just breathtaking to look at. Smashing Pumpkins delivered an out of this world experience on this trip. Knowing that the band is reuniting for a new album and hopefully a new tour just added to the enjoyment.

The Beta Band – The 3 EP’s
My throat needed a rest after all the singing. This also makes for a great morning album. I really got to sink my teeth into the scenery with this one too. I just let the music play and kept my eyes on the mountains.

Ben Harper – Fight for Your Mind
I don’t know why I hadn’t listened to him sooner, but at least I thought of it before the trip was over. A kick ass album that I haven’t listened to thoroughly since the day I bought it. A great addition to the rotation.

Beck – Odelay
Love this album. Beck has that funk to lift your spirits and keep you entertained. I choose this one because I haven’t listened to old Beck since ‘Guero’ came out last summer. Check out the song “Elevator Music” from his new album coming out soon. Amazing tune.

Neutral Milk Hotel – In an Aeroplane over the Sea
Perfect summertime music. Eastern Washington is as boring as North Dakota. A sing along album was considered necessary. This is an older indie album that is phenomenal when given a chance. Head bobbing from start to finish. Windows were down for this one.

I am Kloot
I don’t think I listened to this one the whole way through. I was getting antsy with all the “Seattle - 150 Miles” signs I was passing. So I skipped around and hit my favorites. Fortunately there were many.

Modest Mouse – Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Love this album. Seattle was closing in fast so I needed some happy tunes. (Sidenote: since there are mountains and trees everywhere on the drive we got like 5 miles from the city without even seeing it from the road. I was starting to question its existence in my mind.)

Now around this time I knew I wasn’t going to able to finish another whole cd, so a lot of careful thought went into this last one. I needed something with classic status. I wanted something to remind me why I am looking forward to this adventurous new city. I needed something that I haven’t listened to in so long that as soon as I put it in I would remember why there was love for it at one time and sing along as if it were the first time I heard it. Then it hit me, and before I could even question the selection that was swimming in my head, I just grabbed it and put it in. As soon as I did, I knew I made the right choice…

Nirvana – Nevermind
The reason you can see Seattle in bold letters on any world map. The band that single handedly took the Seattle music scene and commercialized it. It was perfect. And I sang every song. The album did exactly what I thought it would. It got me all excited about the music scene I was about to explore. There has to be so many interesting bands in this huge city. The radio stations alone rock. KEXP blows WBER out of the water. (Sidenote – It is 90.3 KEXP. You can listen live on the web. Check out John in the Morning. I don’t even listen to cds in my car in the morning because his show is so good. You can listen online at the website, on itunes, get a podcast, or if you’re not that up-to-date, check out the blog or read his setlist every morning.) Back to Nirvana. An appropriate ending to a magical trip.

Hope you enjoyed the list. Now that I have access to the internet I will be posting new albums just like I used to. So keep coming back. I already have more to share. Peace NY

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