December 15, 2005

The Beta Band - The Three E.P's

The title of this album basically explains its origin. This Scottish band took three separate EP's and combined them into one album, creating a detail oriented delight. Most listeners that aren't familiar with The Beta Band might remember their brief musical moment in John Cusack's film "High Fidelity". Rob Gordon predicts he can sell 5 copies of this album just by playing one song in his record store. Unfortunately the song he played, "Dry the Rain" in my opinion, doesn't fairly represent The Beta Band one bit. "Dry the Rain" is an extremely fun song, and it does get your head bobbing right along with it. What makes it differ from the rest of the songs on the album is that it doesn't have that same hypnotic effect on you that the rest of the tracks do. Song's like "B+A", "Inner Meet Me", "She's The One", "Dogs Got a Bone", and "The House Song" all have this spell-binding sound that captures you and makes you focus on the eccentric details. Bird chirps, record scratches, kitten meows, 70's synth bits, and about a million other inch long snippets of random recording showcase just what The Three EP's is, fun loving basic indie-rock grooves.

The album as a whole leaves a distinct impression on the listener. At first listen you will be tempted to sell it back to the local record store, but after more in-depth listening, you'll realize this is more than just funky beats set to abstract lyrics. The Three EP's, once finding your cd player, will stay there for quite some time because of its ability to capture you with its unparalleled sound. Comparable to nothing I've come across thus far in my musical journey, this is truly a unique album that delivers with time. Once you've been hypnotized by the groovy sound, you'll be digging deeper into The Beta Band catalog to see what else they have out there. The Three EP's is a bona fide must have.

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